Game of Thrones Season 6 Will Ser Davos and Melisandre Can Be Allies?


Everyone of us still can’t get over in the last season finale. But Game of Thrones fans didnt loose hope until the season 6 trailer is finally released and we saw something that light up us a bit. Fans have been talking about the scene in which Ser Davos and Melisandre are together in the room where Jon Snow’s body is lying. Then there’s another scene showing Davos using Jon’s sword Longclaw for whatever reason that we don’t know yet.
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The Walking Dead Season 6 What is the Fate of Eugene


Every episode of the walking dead season 6 are getting more intense and we are getting deeper to every character in the show as the finale is coming to end. Sunday night, the sixth season of The Walking Dead continues on the American channel AMC . Entitled “Twice as Far” , this new installment will see our heroes face new dangers. And as we approach the season finale, one question arises: who will die Especially with the arrival of Negan, nobody is immune to explode the skull through his bat of barbed wire baseball . Meanwhile, our heroes will come from Alexandria to find what its supplies. And as we suggested you to discover our review of episode 13 of season 6 of The Walking Dead , the promo video of the next episode revealed a big change for Eugene. The Walking Dead Season 6 Eugene got a new hair cut. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Season 6 In a Bloody Brilliant Season Alfie Allen


Brace your self. Winter is Coming. Game of thrones season 6 will back with a bang next month April and spoilers are every where and keep spoiling us in what is gonna happen in the next season of the show.

Alfie Allen drops a big hints in the upcoming season 6 premiere. As he portrays one of the well loved character in the show but gives us a terrified in Season 5 because of the Bolton’s done to him but he revive it after helping up Sansa escape. Alfie Allen’s character, Theon Greyjoy, aka Reek, hasn’t had the easiest time of it in Westeros. Ever since Greyjoy’s Rebellion in 289 AC, when his father failed to secure independence for the Iron Islands, his life never went the way he envisioned it. Forced to become the Starks’ ward in order to secure his father’s loyalty, he grew up seeing the family that raised him as the enemy. After he returned to the Iron Islands, he raided his own home at Winterfell, pretended to kill his own surrogate brothers to save face, and then was betrayed by his own men to Ramsay Snow, whereupon he spent an entire season being flayed and tortured and broken into the pathetic creature he is today. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time Season 5 The Evil Queen is Back in Underworld



Just because the show is too good we are not only missing the good character in the show but also the bad ones to make the show even more exciting. As once upon a time season 5 will be back this coming Sunday one of our favorite character also will be back. We will take a big leap in this new episode as the Evil Queen is really determined to kill Snow White. Continue reading

Will Daryl Ends His Journey in Walking Dead Season 6?


This can’t be happening again. Another main character are sterling in the web to be killed sooner as the walking dead season finale is coming just 5 episodes to go and a new character will be introduced. Fans are getting nervous with it as they are pointing out Daryl will be killed. Oh no! Not again its killing us fans too. Predictions and spoilers are everywhere in season 6 and the only thing we know that Negan’s arrival in the show will cause chaos.

Yup! Everyone of us are waiting for Negan to show up in Season 6 finale and we are hearing it that its gonna be brutal. Oh! Dear more bloods are shading again. In fact it is been confirmed that the TWD producers admitted that they shot Negan ‘s big entrance in the show in two ways with and without his infamous cursing. Continue reading

Arrow Season 3 Update Oliver and Felicity Love Story Will Not Occupy the Story as Thea Queen’s Love Interest

austin-arrow oliver-and-felicity

Arrow season 3 spoilers reveal that it has already released a teaser, giving fans bits of info about Oliver Queen’s love life. And now Arrow boss has something to say about it. We’ve seen in the premiere that Oliver Queen says “I love you” to Felicity Smoak in a less professional setting but a more romantic one.

Arrow executive has something to say about this exciting love story.

None of us like to throw stuff out there and then not deal with it in some way. It doesn’t mean it occupies the story and that’s all we deal with, but you want to be fair to the audience.

He further explained that that relationship is “something that we’ve been working toward and building toward since she first showed up on the show. We deal with it head-on in the premiere, but there aren’t a lot of superheroes who are married.

Arrow season 3 claim the new run begins October 8th on the CW. The executive also hinted that audience could expect changes in Oliver’s character as he embraces humor in the new episodes.

There’s more of that throughout. He doesn’t have Slade hunting him anymore. Things are in a happy place for everybody. Berlanti also insinuated that the ‘happy place’ is not for long as “There are some great twists and turns in terms of what their dynamic is.

We try with the big bads to make every season feel different and for them to be reflective of what we want to put the hero through and characters through. While Oliver and Felicity are having a progressive relationship, Thea Queen seems to have a love interest in Austin Butler. Butler is set to be a DJ who catches Thea’s eye, and their professional relationship will quickly blossom into romance.

The Walking Dead Update A Heavy Impact in Carols Return


Do you miss Carol? I’m sure you dead as a fan of the walking dead a have a little bit heartache when Carol’s separate from her team. I just thought that she might dead but hurray finally she return but I am more exciting for the walking dead season 5 when she returns. In the season finale of the show Carol is not seen but she is with Judith the second child of Rick together with Tyreese. I am really hoping that they didn’t go to the terminus.

In the walking dead season 5 Carol’s reunion with Team Rick will have a huge impact on the new season of The Walking Dead  particularly on Daryl’s side.

Exec producer Scott Gimple has previewed her return in a report, check out the latest on Dead below:

Carol’s estrangement and eventual return does have weight and will be felt throughout the season. It’s part of their history. And they haven’t seen each other since it’s happened. So there will be a catching up to that fact.